Frequently asked questions about our services

Q: I own a staffing firm and require experienced recruiter for sourcing candidates and pre-qualifying them. Do you think you can help me?
Helping Hand India offer services of recruiters and sourcer with over 5 years of experience in Food & Beverage, Information Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Engineering etc. Industry.

Q: I am looking for a Virtual Assistant. Can you help?
 Helping Hand India has excellent virtual assistant and admin assistant in our team who can help you manage your workload. They can do research, data entry, email management, appointment setting, responding to or calling your customers, ticket booking, managing your blogs and social media account and much more.

Q: I am simply looking for someone to create a database for me from a list of website url that I would provide. Is that something that you do?
Helping Hand India can offer you services of excellent internet researcher who can research internet and create database for you very quickly and accurately. They are expert in Internet research and MS-Office.

Q: I need exceptional & dedicated Data Entry Operators to work for me for 40 hours a week. Can you help?
Helping Hand India offer services of dedicate data entry operator which means that they work only on your project. We ensure that we have a back up resource ready for you all the time to make sure that your work doesn't suffer, even if the regular resource is absent.

Q: Do you have a Customer Service Rep in your team who can call prospects on behalf of my company and do some Market Research as well?
Helping Hand India offer services of exceptional customer service rep with 3-5 years of calling experience, great telephone etiquette and excellent verbal and written communication.

Q: I need some help in managing my Social Media Account - LinkedIn and Facebook. Do you have an expert in your team?
 Helping Hand India do understand that it is extremely difficult for busy professionals to manage all their social media accounts and stay on top. Hence we offer services of our social media expert who can help you manage your accounts, share updates on your behalf, promote your business, manage your groups and company pages, write great contents and much more.

Q: I need experienced telemarketing executive for making cold calls and generating leads. Do you provide voice agents or telemarketing executives?
Helping Hand India offer telemarketing and cold calling services to its client. Our voice agents have 3-5 years of experience calling North American clients. They have experience of various industries as well.

Q: I have an insurance company. I need someone who can Call and Set Appointments for me.
Helping Hand India can definitely help you by providing an experienced Appointment Setter for you. If you need, they can create calling scripts, create calling database and provide great analytics and reports as well so that you are aware of expectations of your potential customers.

Q: I have recently purchased a CRM application and need someone who can manage it for me.
Ans: Helping Hand India can offer you services of Client Relationship Executives having solid working experience on various CRM applications like Salesforce, SAGE, ZOHO CRM, Hubpot, Sugar CRM, Oracle's Siebel CRM, MS Dynamic CRM etc.

Q: Do you have someone who is great in creating and managing top quality Email Campaigns to generate leads for me?
Helping Hand India helps many of its client in creating, sending, managing and analyzing email campaigns to attract subscribers. On top of that we also provide help in creating database, and calling warm leads resulting from Email Marketing Campaign.

Q: I am looking to conduct Market Research and need someone who can call businesses and get answers to survey questions by phone. Can you help?
Helping Hand India has exception market research professional with 2-4 years of experience in conducting telephonic and email survey. To use the services of one of our Market Research Associate please contact us.

Q: I am looking for rock star for my Job Board to call HR managers and get new job postings for my job board.
Helping Hand India offer Account Executive having prior experience of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Industry to help you manage your job board and generate new businesses through new job postings. They do so by using a variety of method including, social networking, cold calling, emailing etc.

Q: Do you provide Transcription Services?
Ans: Helping Hand India does provide general transcription services, for example transcribing conference call recording. However, we are currently not offering specialized transcription service like medical transcription.

Do you have any other question that is not addressed above? If yes, contact us.